The concept of an angel is difficult and even foreign for Sunrise people.  I don’t know that most Americans have a clear picture of an angel, either.  It shouldn’t be too surprising that supernatural beings are difficult to understand since few of us encounter them (or become aware of encounters with them) ever or rarely at most.  Yet we know they exist, and it is important for them to be correctly understood, at the very least as benevolent supernatural servants of the most high who serve at the bidding of their Master without fail.


T was discussing angels with Markus.  Even though he has been a believer for a number of years now, even Markus doesn’t seem to have a clear perception of what an angel is.  Searching for an accurate equivalent, Markus used a term that was new to T.  T asked him to describe this concept.  This “near equivalent” in Markus’ mind is a legendary creature of female form.  As the story goes, these beautiful creatures descended to earth one day to bathe in a stream.  Seeing their captivating beauty, some men came along and stole their clothes, refusing to return the garments until the beings consented to marry them.  Uhh… That’s not quite the picture we want to convey when we use a word for “angel.”


T decided to explore the concept of angel a bit further with Markus to test what his understanding is of these beings.  He asked, “So are angels male or female?”  Markus’ reply: “I don’t think we can really know.”  Hmm…


We have been challenged through this process to test a few of our own assumptions about angels and make sure that our own pictures are grounded in Scriptural truth.